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Want 2024 to be Happier? Build Positive Strategies.

Don't set New Years Resolutions. You heard me, don't do it! Years of research on human behavior shows that making New Year's Resolutions does not produce sustainable change, but building positive strategies for change does. In fact, most people quit and give up on their resolutions after only 6 weeks. Are you one of...

A new culture of wellness care: Holistic mind, body, and spirit approaches to vibrant health & resilient flourishing.

Fantastic news! StoryBrook Healing Arts has been growing and evolving rapidly over the past few months to more effectively and efficiently serve you, as my valued customers. As a Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Creative Wellness Weaver, and Trauma Transcender, I am (re)aligning my business to progress towards the bigger vision, mission, & values...

5 key strategies every Nurse Practitioner needs to go from exhausted and merely surviving to feeling rejuvenated & confident, and flourishing.

Hello to all Nurse Practitioners. A special welcome to you if this is your first time reading my blog. Today, I'm checking in to see how you are holding up in these continued crazy, unpredictable, unprecedented times. Nurse Practitioners are getting hit harder than ever with overwhelming workloads and difficult work situations everyday. I sincerely want to...

Crafting a culture of wellness and resilience into your Nurse Practitioner Role to prevent and heal nursing burnout.

Wowza!! I wish I knew back then what I know now about creating a culture of wellness and resilience into my Nurse Practitioner Role to prevent the devastating affects of not dealing with distress and overwhelm before it became nursing burnout. Very few people know why I made such a drastic change in my Nurse Practitioner Role this year and opened my own...

A Nurse Practitioner Role as Clinician and Integrative Nurse Coach.

Hello. I'm Carol Thamert. I'm a Family Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Integrative Nurse Coach on a mission to guide other practitioners, especially those with wounded hearts, in crafting self-confidence with courage, compassion, and connection. Confidence in your ability to function independently in your professional role as a Nurse Practitioner with ease and...

Resources to Support Your Flourishing

5 Key Strategies to Flourishing Health and Wellbeing

5 key strategies every woman needs to Flourish! Go from overwhelmed and barely surviving to flourishing with a sense of peace, joy, growth, connectedness, and a positive meaning and purpose to life/work.

Dancing Mindfulness - Healing Moves

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