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Holistic mind, body, and spirit approaches to vibrant health & resilient flourishing!

For so many of us, the systems we’ve encountered and the circumstances we’ve navigated have left us feeling bone tired, dramatically under-resourced, sick on a body and soul level, and alone on our healing journey.

What happens when, as women, we are supported to transcend and transform the limitations that have been placed on us, the challenges we’ve encountered, the shame we carry, the false narratives that have guided our lives, the dis-ease that we experience?

Supporting women to actualize personalized pathways to vibrant health and resilient flourishing!

What freedom and flourishing are possible when we shed those outdated stories and make choices in alignment with our full selves?

What transformation can occur when we are deeply supported on our healing path?

I believe that when we prioritize our own healing, we are better able to show up for ourselves, our relationships, and the work and world that we value. I know that we are all ((each and every one of us)) deserving of care, of wellness, of a thriving life. I trust that we possess innate knowing and that when we quiet the external noise and listen to our deepest truth ((and connect to collective consciousness)) we can move beyond merely surviving to experience flourishing in all aspects of life.

I understand that healing is an ongoing journey rather than a point of arrival. That it is personal yet collective. That it must be rooted in science, art and spirit — that the three are not mutually exclusive but rather inextricably linked.

I’m on a mission to transform the mindset that, as women, we have to push through challenges and illness, disregard our own needs, or override our deeper knowing in service to broken systems, outdated stories, and everyone else’s priorities.

StoryBrook Healing Arts is a place to be fully supported as you define and travel your unique path to healing, rewrite the narratives that no longer fit, and rise into the fullness of your life, your work, your flourishing.

Through an integrated, holistic blend of Eastern and Western healing modalities, we will:

Rise Above. ((Limitations, past challenges, self-doubt and shame, unworthiness, hopelessness, paradigms keeping you stuck or small.))

Reclaim. ((Yourself, your wisdom, your experience, your life vision, your health and wellbeing.))

Rewrite. ((Your story. Your confidence. Your sense of purpose and possibility. Your flourishing future.))

Let's Collaborate!


Embodied Healing Pathways

An 8-12 Week Container to Support Your Flourishing


Creative Immersive Experiences

Currently Featuring: Dancing Mindfulness - Healing Moves


Ongoing Multi-week Sessions (Coming Soon!)

A Generative Space to Learn in Community  

Hi, I’m Carol!

As a Nurse Practitioner, Creative Wellness Weaver, and Trauma Transcender with 30 years in the medical field and extensive training in holistic healing modalities, I guide women in embodied wellness practices where we tend to our nervous systems, listen to our intuition, and follow a healing path that is personalized, somatic, and uniquely our own. I’m on the journey alongside you. Healing as I heal, learning as I lead, connecting, expanding, ever-evolving.


Client Testimonials

I was barely keeping it together. There were so many things I wanted to do better or differently, but it’s so hard to implement change, especially when I’m drowning. Coaching with you has literally been a lifesaver for me. I’m well on my way to finding a better way.


Naturopathic Physician, Oregon

I’ve read almost every self-help book on how to be happier at work with no success. After just a few sessions with Carol, I can see hope that I am in control and can rewrite my happy-ever-after story and keep my current job.


Nurse Practitioner, WA State

Your intelligent advice has been such a blessing to me. I am so grateful to you for it.


Nurse Practitioner, Oregon

Resources to Support Your Flourishing

5 Key Strategies to Flourishing Health and Wellbeing

5 key strategies every woman needs to Flourish! Go from overwhelmed and barely surviving to flourishing with a sense of peace, joy, growth, connectedness, and a positive meaning and purpose to life/work.

Monthly Musings and Practices

Receive articles, resources, and tools to support your healing, wellbeing and flourishing.



Dancing Mindfulness - Healing Moves

Next virtual workshop:
Saturday, May 25th @ 4:00-5:30 PST                       
Check out the link below for more dates


  • Let’s shake out what feels stuck.
  • Let’s tend to our bodies and our hearts.
  • Let’s dance it out, together.

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