Wowza!! I wish I knew back then what I know now about creating a culture of wellness and resilience into my Nurse Practitioner Role to prevent the devastating affects of not dealing with distress and overwhelm before it became nursing burnout.

Very few people know why I made such a drastic change in my Nurse Practitioner Role this year and opened my own business.

As a Nurse Practitioner, during my 30 years in the medical field, I was disillusioned with the entire system because it did not give me the time nor the resources I needed to support my clients on their healing path in the holistic way that I felt they deserved. It literally broke my heart and my spirit. 

This heart-spirit ache propelled my own personal exploration of creative, somatic (also known as mind/body/and spirit-oriented) healing practices and tools. Engaging in these tools myself, helped me to weave powerful connections between my mental and physical wellbeing, to release the shame and guilt I stored in my brain and body, and to move it from my subconscious mind into my conscious awareness so I could actualize the lifestyle practices that support the powerful mindset shifts and habit changes I needed to fully heal. 

Now, I am expanding these embodied healing pathways into my practice. I’m on a mission to transform the mindset that, as women, we have to push through challenges and illness, disregard our own needs, or override our deeper knowing in service to broken systems, outdated stories, and everyone else’s priorities.

I envision myself compassionately working side-by-side with other Nurse Practitioners, guiding and supporting them to feel more optimistic and confident in their career and their ability to cope and succeed within their individual work/life environment. In a healthcare system that has moved beyond a focus on sick-care to one that encompasses optimal health and wellbeing for both the client and the practitioner.

I’m so excited to share and support other women and Nurse Practitioners in experiencing their own embodied healing and transformation. As their guide, I will be right alongside them, supporting them on every step of their ever-evolving healing journey. We can tend to their nervous system, listen to their intuition, and follow a healing path that is personalized, somatic, and uniquely their own.

If you are, or someone you know is a nurse struggling & suffering with life/work pressures, Contact Me or check out my Services and programs page. I have a really great coaching program called, Crafting my NP Career Fulfillment Program that will help you feel relieved and hopeful that there is a better way of nursing.