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Holistic mind, body, and spirit approaches to vibrant health & resilient flourishing!


Clients enter into this work from a wide range of experiences,                                                                              with a diversity of challenges, and unique visions for their healing.

You may be ready for support with mindful stress reduction/nervous-system regulation, weight loss, burnout, sickness cycles, or coping strategies that are no longer serving you. You may be suffering a crisis of meaning or life purpose brought on by deeply rooted shame from life challenges, decision dilemmas, maturation experiences, self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, and/or trauma that has negatively impacted your life. You may be experiencing physical and emotional distress that has manifested as illness, depression, burnout, stuckness, and hopelessness.

Does this ring true for you?

Welcome, dear one, to the next (deeply supported) phase of your healing journey.

Together, we’ll map a personalized plan that generates forward movement toward your goals, compassionately tends to your stuck spots, and uplifts meaningful successes to move you toward your unique version of optimal health, wellness, and flourishing. Our work honors the process as much as the outcome. Integrative change takes time, and the shifts that happen along the way — both subtle and profound — have lasting impact. While you move towards tangible wellness goals, you’ll grow your capacity for joy, increase your sense of self-worth and self-compassion, cultivate clarity that serves you at every crossroad, and actualize your ability to regulate your nervous system.

We will support your healing path through

Ongoing coaching containers that nurture lasting change, transformative creative immersions, and classes that merge art, science, and somatic practice.

Let’s boost your baseline so you can steady the roller coaster and feel resilient and well-resourced even in adverse situations.


Embodied Healing Pathways

An 8-12 Week Container to Support Your Flourishing


Creative Immersive Experiences

Currently Featuring: Dancing Mindfulness – Healing Moves


Ongoing Multi-week Sessions (Coming Soon!)

A Generative Space to Learn in Community 


Embodied Healing Pathways – An 8-12 week container of expert support, personalized healing, and transformational growth..

((Tending to your care, Nurturing your flourishing))

When you’re standing at a crossroads with a crisis or decision dilemma, ready (yearning) for something to change in your life, and you feel the pull to partner.

Know you are not alone. There is support, guidance, and compassionate care, waiting for you.

As a Nurse Practitioner, during my 30 years in the traditional medical field, I was disillusioned with the entire system because it did not give me the time nor the resources I needed to support my clients on their healing path in the holistic way that I felt they deserved. There was no prioritization of the relational, ongoing support that I believe is so essential to comprehensive care. It literally broke my heart and my spirit.

This heart-spirit ache propelled my own personal exploration of creative, somatic (also known as mind/body/and spirit-oriented) healing practices and tools. Engaging in these tools myself, helped me to weave powerful connections between my mental and physical wellbeing, to release the shame and guilt I stored in my brain and body, and to move it from my subconscious mind into my conscious awareness so I could actualize the lifestyle practices that support the powerful mindset shifts and habit changes I needed to fully heal.

Now, I am expanding these into my practice. I’m so excited to share them with you and support you in experiencing your own embodied healing and transformation. As your guide, I will be right alongside you, supporting you on every step of your ever-evolving healing journey. We can tend to your nervous system, listen to your intuition, and follow a healing path that is personalized, somatic, and uniquely your own.

Embodied Healing Pathways is an expertly and compassionately held container of support, witnessing, and guidance. We’ll map a personalized plan to nurture your health and wellness journey and connect over 8-12 focused weeks to mark mindset shifts leading to new positive behaviors, celebrate wins small and large, and honor personal commitments and triumphs. We’ll recalibrate when things don’t go as planned, rooting into curiosity and compassion rather than shame or self-judgment. Most importantly, I’ll be a consistent support along the journey — offering tools, reflection, motivation, and deep belief in your ability to grow and change.

How It Works

When you join me for Embodied Healing Pathways

First: We’ll connect for an initial conversation

You can share where you’re at and where you might want to go when it comes to your health and wellness. I’ll share a bit about myself, my background, and my approach. We’ll determine if we’re a good fit to support your goals.

Then: We’ll connect for our 90-min Welcome Session.

I’ll guide us through an in-depth assessment, getting to know about your healing past, and making a map towards your healing future. (We’ll explore things like — what did/didn’t work before, what is your insight into why, where do you want to go?). We’ll likely begin practicing a healing tool or modality in this first session so you can experience both positive healing and a sense of accomplishment. We’ll set some goals to support your exploration in between sessions, utilizing an array of tools and practices. Personalized assignments will be established to keep you feeling motivated, empowered, and engaged.

Healing Partnerships take place over 8-12 weekly, 90-minute sessions, with the option to extend if desired.

Once our Healing Container is complete, clients are invited to receive continued support through Flourishing Pathways which can be booked and scheduled as desired.


Creative Immersive Experiences and Other Somatic Practices

Places for us to play, process, and practice. These Creative Immersive Experiences invite active participation in your growth and discovery. Engage in creative modalities such as dancing mindfulness, expressive arts, somatic exploration, hypnosis, and more.

New offerings are posted regularly.

❃ Currently Featuring ❃

Dancing Mindfulness -Healing Moves is a welcoming space for intuitive, healing movement. Come exactly as you are, cultivate trust and joy in your body, and experience cathartic, energetic release through this guided creative workshop. No specific physical ability, movement skill, or previous dance experience is needed.


Ongoing Multi-Week Sessions ((Coming Soon))

Classes offer a generative, transformative, and joyful space to heal and be held in community. Together we’ll explore a somatic practice or an embodied healing modality in depth, with time to personalize and integrate our learning. Check back for updated classes. 

Previous class offerings have included topics such as: Goal setting, health at any size, nervous system regulation using distress tolerance & emotion regulation.