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Dancing Mindfulness: Healing Moves

The Ultimate “Come As You Are” Dance Experience

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“Every moment of a dancing mindfulness practice provides an opportunity to tell a story.

Even if you need to simply sit with an emotion instead of moving with it during a moment of your dancing mindfulness experience, you are honoring your personal story in that moment. The act of sitting with or moving with an emotion, a body sensation, or any other experience may end up being a powerful component in writing a new ending for your story.” Dr. Jamie Marich

Mindful Healing In Motion!

Dancing Mindfulness is a welcoming space for intuitive, healing movement. Come exactly as you are, cultivate trust and joy in your body, and experience cathartic, energetic release through this guided creative workshop. No specific physical ability, movement skill, or previous dance experience is needed.

Dancing Mindfulness is an expressive arts modality that harnesses the power of dance as the central medium for exploring and cultivating mindful awareness. It can open a portal to spiritual development, a path to achieving greater life balance, a healing journey, and be a spark for your creative expression.

I am a Certified Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator and expertly guide our workshop participants through exploring the seven elements of Dancing Mindfulness fused with seven attitudes of mindfulness: non-judging, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance, and letting go.

The Seven Elements of Dancing Mindfulness

Breath: Life Dancing Through Us

If you are breathing, you are dancing. Even the simplest of moves is dance. Check in with your breath. Notice without judgment. Let it guide your movement & your stillness. You can come back to breath any time.

Sound: Attunement to the Process of Living

Sound is the vibration of life, Vibration can impact us emotionally and viscerally. It can be felt in the tones generated by breath, heartbeat, and motions like stomping your feet, clapping your hands, or chanting.

Body: A Vessel For Authenticity

Your body is your vehicle for the dance of your life. Embrace your body compassionately without judgment. Honor the attitude in your movement and what it tells you about yourself or your emotions.

Mind: Bringing Us Home to the Present Moment

Your mind is more than your brain. Its energy is the essence of life and a mechanism for integration. Move through negativity of the past and uncertainty of the future, and move into the positivity of the moment.

Spirit: The Greatness Guiding Our Dance

Spirit is a realm of experience that is greater than you or I and can’t be explained by nature or science. We all experience it differently but most center it around gratitude and connection. Let it guide your dance.

Story: Embracing Your Journey

Story can be manifested and expressed through dance. Your space is your canvas. Your body is your brush. The colors and elements are sent to you in your breath via spirit. Dance to your story of life.

Fusion: Resting In Wholeness

Blending the various elements (connections, convergences, and divergences) into a whole. Dance, rest, reflect, integrate, and renew. Notice your experience. Honor breath, body, mind, spirit, and story.

Come as you are! All bodies and abilities embraced!
Mindfulness in Motion

In our Dancing Mindfulness session you can be seated or standing. We’ll start slowly with a gentle grounding practice, setting intentions for our time together, and inviting you to get comfortable (as you’re able) — with your own body, with the space, with the people in our (virtual) studio. As the music picks up pace, your movement may as well. Our music is thoughtfully curated to guide us on a healing journey, releasing, recalibrating, and recentering. We’ll move for about 40-minutes and then connect and share for about 15-minutes. Depending on the length of our Dancing Mindfulness session, we may close our time together with a journaling process or tactile creative exploration to integrate our movement practice.

Every Moment of Dancing Mindfulness Becomes an Opportunity for Self-Discovery and Self-Exploration!

Rekindle an expressive type of dance that is nonjudgmentally imperfect, unscripted, unchoreographed, and embraces all bodies and abilities.

Reignite the connection between your mind & spirit with your body's ability to heal itself with mindful awareness of the rhythmic aspects of your breath & heartbeat and the lyrical attributes of movement.

Rewrite your personal story of self-discovery and self-exploration with more than just words, or no words at all, through mindfulness in motion; noticing whatever may happen as part of the experience.

Revive a deeper connection to self and the power of the healing wisdom cherished by humanity throughout the ages: That humans need Community, Dance, Mindfulness, and Nature to flourish.

Reconnect the body's ability to embody positive qualities of self-love, trust, non-judgment, non-striving, playfulness, beginner's mind, acceptance, release, and creative expression.

Hi, I’m Carol!

As a Nurse Practitioner, Creative Wellness Weaver, and Trauma Transcender with 30 years in the medical field and extensive training in holistic healing modalities, I guide women in embodied wellness practices where we tend to our nervous systems, listen to our intuition, and follow a healing path that is personalized, somatic (body, mind, and spirit oriented), and uniquely our own. I’m on the journey alongside you. Healing as I heal, learning as I lead, connecting, expanding, ever-evolving.